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A legacy of dance,
a lifetime of memories
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Welcome to Connolly Dance Arts! 

A legacy of dance, a lifetime of memories

Welcome to Connolly Dance Arts! Since 1990 we have offered dance classes for all ages and ability levels. Our goal is to give every dancer a chance to experience everything the art of dance can provide. We offer opportunities for dancers to express their individual talents in class and through performances. These experiences help our dancers develop self-discipline, gain confidence and achieve a feeling of pride in their accomplishments.

The faculty at Connolly Dance Arts is comprised of certified dance instructors and professionals in the industry. Our main goal is to see that our students enjoy their experience. We understand that training in dance increases motor skills, improves concentration, increases self-discipline and motivation, and allows for creative self-expression. As funding and support for fine arts education in the public schools declines, we are aware of how important it is that we provide this educational opportunity for your child.

We strive to create a “home-away-from-home” environment for your child by providing dance instruction with positive feedback in a fun and energetic environment. By offering these things, every child feels important and can learn to express themselves through the art of dance.

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Enrollment is now open for our Summer and Fall/Spring 2024-2025 Seasons!