Spring Recital 

Every year, CDA holds a Spring Recital in May at an area theater. This is a great way to showcase all that the dancers have learned throughout the season. (Students who participate in the recital will need a costume for each of the dances they perform.)

2024 Alice in Wonderland Spring Recital  May 4th and 5th at the Morton Ranch Performing Arts Center in Katy, Texas

Additional Costs to perform in the recital:

Costume Fee

  • Recital Costumes are charged on October 1st: $80/Preschool, $90/Level I and Up (all charges are per costume, includes tights)
  • Recital Costumes that are charged on or after November 1st:  $95/Preschool, $105/Level I and Up (includes tights and $15 late shipping fee and is per costume)

Recital Fee

  • Recital Participation Fee is charged on February 1st: $115/student, $175/family. This will include a digital download of all the shows!


Tickets in the form of a wristband are available for purchase only through your Connolly Dance Arts account.


  • Dancers must be enrolled in classes through the end of May in order to participate in the spring recital.