Registration Information

  • When first enrolling you will pay the annual registration fee and first and last month’s tuition (September and May)
  • Summer classes do not have a registration fee and it’s a one-time tuition payment for the entire summer.
  • Dancers must be enrolled in classes through the end of May to participate in the Spring Recital.
  • An up-to-date credit card must be on file at all times during the period of enrollment.
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.
  • Late tuition payments (after the 10th of each month) will incur a $12 late fee.
  • We do not accept payments made by check for monthly tuition.
  • No cash or credit card refunds will be given. Studio credit will be placed on your CDA account; credit is good for one calendar year. Studio credit cannot be transferred to a different account.
  • Monthly rate will be automatically drafted to the card on file on the 1st of each month
  • Registration + first and last month’s tuition are due upon enrollment
  • After 2 consecutive months of non-payment, your child will be dropped from classes.
  • Account must be paid in FULL to participate in the Spring Recital
  • In the yearly payment option, the registration fee, spring recital participation & costume fees and tuition must be paid in full up front.
  • This offer is only available until August 17th, 2020
  • We offer a $5/monthly discount (max per child) from monthly tuition for each additional child enrolled
  • Recital Costumes/tights (if charged on October 1st)
    • $80/pre-school
    • $90/level I & up
  • Recital Costumes/tights (if charged after November 1st)
    • $95/pre-school
    • $105/level I & up
    • These charges reflect the $15 late-shipping fee
  • Recital Fee 2023-2024 (Includes digital download of all shows)
  • $115/dancer
  • $175/family

Note: Recital tickets are an additional fee.

Tuition Info

  • Registration fee + first and last month’s (May) tuition is due upon enrollment
  • Initial registration and tuition must be paid by placing a credit card on file and completing the payment
  • Annual registration fee = $50 for 1st student, $25 for each additional student
    with $100 family max.
  • Our system runs an automatic drop at midnight for any unpaid new enrollment on the day you register
  • Monthly rates will be automatically drafted to the credit card on file the 1st of each month

Tuition Prices

Classes Per Week Standard Monthly Rate (Per Student) Full Year Price (Per Student) (Includes 5% discount)
1/2 (pre-school 2’s) $60 $513.00
1 $80 $684.00
2 $125 $1,068.75
3 $165 $1,410.75
4 $190 $1,624.50
5 $225 $1,923.75
6+ $250 $2,137.50

$25 per class for anything over 6 classes.